Sister Act: Our Revenge

I’m sure most of you reading know all about my relationship with Race for Life.

For the recent readers, here’s the Cliff’s Notes:

Six years ago, my mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer. This was literally the worst.

Fortunately for everyone involved, she’s a total badass and sent that creep away with a flea in his ear.

Sophie and I decided to start a Race for Life team, Sister Act, and what began as the two of us slowly grew to a team of ten. Over the past three years, we have raised just over £3000 for Cancer Research UK. Most excellent.

Sister Act: The Gathering

Sister Act: The Gathering


This morning, I got a rather exciting email from JustGiving, letting me know that our fundraising page was in the top 5% of fundraisers in 2014, and congratulating me on my excellent work.

Now, I’m a great big narcissist, and there’s nothing I love more than a good pat on the back. But I just can’t be doing with this. See, all I do is spend an hour dancing round a big circuit with my favourite people. It’s not exactly a chore, ya know?

So I’d like to bat the congratulations in that email right out to all of you folks who donated. Every single one of you is my personal hero, and I will never be able to articulate just how much it means to me to see your support every year. Seriously. Loads. Every penny donated goes towards ensuring that no mum ever has to sit her daughters down and tell them she has cancer. 23 years ago, my dad lost his mum to cancer. The incredible leaps forward in treatment in the past 20 years meant that I didn’t lose mine. From my heart to yours, thank you so much.

For those of you who are just joining the Sister Act story – welcome to the party! Don’t worry, we’ll be back humiliating ourselves and baring our hearts for your money a bit later in the year. And we’re really hoping to smash last year’s total. This isn’t the height of our journey. We’re moving on up, and this year is going to be better than ever.

Cancer, you picked on the wrooooong family.