Happy Halloween from the Escapologist’s Daughter!

Happy Halloween, folks! May it be a day of pumpkin carving, dooking for apples (I will not bow to you Southerners and say “bobbing”), dressing up, eating far too many sweeties and generally having the bejesus scared out of you.

I love that WordPress won’t accept “dooking” as a word, but has no problem with “bejesus”.

Halloween kicked off in style here at Escapology HQ, with some very stylish and not-at-all-competitive pumpkin carving.

Ready for their closeup…

Ready for their closeup.

The carvery!

halloween pumpkin

Warning: graphic content.

halloween pumpkin

He sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating <3

halloween pumpkin carving

Looking far too happy to be disemboweling something. Also, say hello to the curls!

halloween pumpkin

Looking very chuffed that he finished first.

halloween pumpkin

A veritable masterpiece.

halloween pumpkin

halloween pumpkin

I told him to carve something scary…he came up with the scariest design imaginable. I tried to get fancy and carve fangs, but I cut one off them off by accident. So I have a little hillbilly pumpkin and I love him. Happy Halloween folks!

Are you guys carving pumpkins? SHOW THEM TO ME. Say hi in the comments, or at @EscapologistGl.