Happy Hair Days With Stunt Dolly

Exciting news everyone – I got a job! Sure, it’s only for a month, but it means for the first time in about a year, I have a bit of money to spend on me. There was never any doubt about where my first spend would be, the second I put down the phone with the recruiter, I picked it up again and booked myself a haircut.

Stunt Dolly is the kind of place that doesn’t really exist in Paisley. Exposed brick walls, rich wooden panelling, sleek styling chairs and an abundance of aromatherapy candles give this place the air of a tiny spa, smack bang in the middle of Dalston. Stepping through the doors, you immediately forget about the commuters, fruit sellers and neon signs all jostling for space at Dalston Junction.


Photo from the Stunt Dolly Instagram.

Photo from the Stunt Dolly Instagram.

I was ushered inside, sat on the ridiculously comfortable couch, and along with the usual offer of tea and coffee, was also offered a glass of wine. These people are my people. However, having spent the entire day yesterday getting squiffy with one of my lovely cousins, I decided to save that for next time.

Important note: I am seriously socially awkward. Sitting in a chair making small talk with a stranger for an hour is basically my worst nightmare. Whenever I go for a haircut, I usually bury my nose in a book, raising my head only to answer questions that I can’t avoid. For some reason, Stunt Dolly was different. From the second Manny shook my hand, I felt totally at ease. We chatted through my hair wash, as he cut, and even, at points, battled with the hairdryer. I didn’t reach for my book once. These guys are lovely.

Now, I have a lot of hair.


This is lots of fun for swishing around, but tends to elicit somewhat strained, terrified laughter from hairdressers. Manny was literally the first hairdresser I’ve ever been to who wanted to give me a style that looked great with my curly texture, not in spite of it. He chopped away, thinning it out, getting rid of the dreaded triangle-head and left me with beautifully shaped, light, bouncy curls.


I left feeling totally pampered, utterly chilled out and looking pretty damn gorgeous, in my own very humble opinion. Less than an hour had passed since I walked through the door. Seriously, I can’t even blowdry my hair in under an hour. I have come to the conclusion that Manny was probably a wizard. Today is definitely a good hair day.