It’s A Sister Thing

I talk about my sisters quite a lot on here, because they’re a massive part of my life. Especially Sophie, now that she’s old enough to have actually turned into a person and be good craic.

Just some classic sister bantz.

Just some classic sister bantz.

This year, I’ve ended up pretty far away from her, having moved to London within a week of her moving to St Andrews. But I never fail to marvel at how little things have changed. We still start conversations in the middle of conversations, as if it was only five minutes ago we were talking, not a week and a half. With that in mind, for your pleasure and entertainment, I would like to share ten actual conversation opener texts between Sophie and I.

1) The feet couple had another baby.

2) Lucy Liu is by far the hottest Charlie’s Angel.

3) OH MY CHRIST GIO IN THE RED SHIRT (Ugly Betty fans, reveal yourselves).

4) Remember that time dad mistook a plastic bag for you?


6) The Swan Princess is such jokes. I hate you I hate you I hate you…oh wait, you’re hot I’ll totally fight to the death for you.

7)Remember Mighty Joe Young?

8) I thought pineapples grew on trees.

9) You know, I think Sarah in the Polar Express is kind of a douchebag.

10) Pope Francis is the best pope.



I actually feel bad for the people who have to be around us when we see each other in person, because it’s basically guaranteed to be a two hour solid deluge of the above. We do occasionally talk about things that aren’t Ugly Betty or the Emperor’s New Groove, but if you’re trying to get in with either of us, those are probably a good place to start.

And don’t worry if none of this post has made sense…I guess it’s kind of a sister thing.