Bloggers Love London Fashion Week

This week, Bloggers Love hosted a fashion week event based on the cattiest, glitziest TV show that I know…xoxo.

As was fitting of a Gossip Girl themed event, there were people everywhere who looked like they’d stepped off the pages of a catalogue, dressed in the most entirely glorious outfits. And as anyone who has taken a look at Twitter afterwards will know, there was enough scandal, gossip and backbiting to satisfy Georgina Sparks.

Let’s rewind a little. For the night, I decided to step out of my ordinary girl shoes, and try walking a mile in the skyscraper heels of the Upper East Side’s least likeable princess, Blair Waldorf.

Dress, tights and socks, all from Forever 21.

Dress, tights and socks, all from Forever 21.



Practising my resting bitchface.

Practising my resting bitchface.

Headband and cynical smirk firmly in place, I headed to Hoxton to check out the wares on offer. Upon stepping into the art gallery, the first problem with the event was hard to ignore…it was so full that it was actually hard to move around. The ladies and I decided to leave the brands until it quietened down a little, and got in the queue for the very much in demand fashion illustrator, Willa Gebbie. In fact, she was so in demand that we spent the vast majority of our evening in that queue. But getting to the front was well worth the wait. Not only did it turn out that she was from Prestwick (crappy West Coast Scottish towns represent!), she was utterly awesome, and produced a likeness of me that is probably the coolest I’ll ever look.



11007982_1419502598349148_1963952462_nPictures lovingly cradled in hand, we just had time for a whistlestop tour of the brands who hadn’t packed up yet.

DSCF0786 DSCF0787There has been a lot of talk about the event, so let’s set a few things straight.

I didn’t pay for a ticket to the dinner, but I can understand why people who did were angry at shelling out £28 for what eventually amounted to pizza. But some of the vitriol being hurled at Bloggers Love on Twitter has been pretty upsetting. Sure, make complaints when they’re justified, but I’ve seen people claiming that they got food poisoning…from pizza.

The venue was way too small. There isn’t any avoiding that. There were over 200 bloggers crammed into a tiny art gallery, all trying to speak to about ten brands. But I still had a lovely night. I got to meet some amazing bloggers, including Abi from Abi Street, who was so completely aces that I’m genuinely sad she lives in Cardiff. I got my portrait drawn by a fashion illustrator, which I can now totally show off to everyone and pretend that I’m awesome. And thanks to the theme of the party, I got to step well outside my comfort zone, beauty wise. See, for a part-time beauty blogger, I tend to rely on the looks that I know work for me. But the Upper East Side doesn’t exactly comply to the just-rolled-out-of-bed beauty look, so I had to try something new. And I liked what I found. I found out that I actually really like bright pink, shiny lips. I found out that maybe my headband shouldn’t be relegated to the bathroom cabinet unless I’m washing my face. And I found out that knee socks are awesome. Wait, actually, I already knew that one.

So maybe the evening wasn’t the event that a lot of us planned for. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have fun.

XOXO. Fiona.

The Bloggers Love Hub

Apologies that this post has taken a week to get up, I had a very important young man’s 90th birthday to attend. Tonight is the last of four Bloggers Love Hubs, and I was lucky enough to go along to last week’s.

bloggers event london

London’s Kanaloa club buzzed with bloggers and brands, the air was filled with the clicking of cameras, the clinking of glasses and chatter. Impossibly beautiful men and women haunted every corner of the club, sampling the latest goodies from up and coming companies. For the first time, I felt a little bit of a Mean Girls atmosphere, which I haven’t experienced before in the blogging community. The other bloggers were nice, but in the kind of way you’d be nice to your friends uncool little sister. Now I know that I don’t look, speak or act like a lot of bloggers, so this definitely, absolutely might be me projecting my insecurities onto other people. I’m very good at self confidence on paper, less so when I have to do it for real. But I’m definitely going to keep going to events and working on it…someday I’ll feel comfortable walking in these blogger shoes!

Okay, pep talk over, let’s get to the good bits.

Sniffy Wiffy


Sniffy Wiffy was definitely my brand of the evening. Created by the lovely Sarah and her husband, their product is a line of delicious body lotions with a twist. After hearing that breast exams were best performed on slightly slippery skin, Sarah launched her collection of lotions, each labelled with detailed instructions on how to check your breasts for abnormalities.

blogger events london

They have a brilliant range of scents, with sweet, floral and fruity notes to suit every taste. I was particularly fond of the Kiwi and Lime and the Orange Blossom, and took home a little tub of Mango. They also have body scrubs, massage oils and hand creams with the same fabulous scents, as well as a new line for men with instructions on how to check your testicles. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, a portion of the profits from Sniffy Wiffy are donated to the cancer charity Coppafeel. I absolutely loved chatting to these guys, and loved their products just as much. Everyone I know is so getting one of these moisturisers for Christmas.

Colour Chase Lipsticks

blogger events london

Colour Chase does exactly what it says on the tin – they have a line of gorgeous, colourful makeup in crazy unusual colours. The look of these lipstick is pretty editorial, but with purple, orange and yes, even blue, becoming a common sight on the streets of London, it could only be a matter of time before lipstick moves past the reds and pinks we’re all so used to.

blogger blue lipstick

I haven’t actually had the guts to wear mine out yet, mainly because I don’t think it’s exactly office appropriate, but I gotta admit I like it. I don’t quite have the lipstick skillz yet to build up properly opaque coverage with such a bright colour, but I’m sure I’ll get there with a bit of practice. The formula feels lovely, moisturising and smooth and not chalky at all. I haven’t had the chance to test how it wears, but I’d imagine that a colour like this will probably be pretty high maintenance. I’m not sure how the paler colours would work on my skin tone, but I like the look of the purples and even that teal in the top left is looking pretty tempting.

Hifas da Terra

blogger event london

I love beauty, and I’ve read more about it than is really advisable for a single person. So it’s always fun to discover something completely new. Hifas da Terra is a brand entirely based around the benefits of mushrooms. I know. Mushrooms. Mushroom skincare, mushroom candles, mushroom chocolate. Each chocolate has a different health benefit, provided by a different type of mushroom. I sampled all of them, of course, for science purposes. Needless to say, they don’t taste of mushrooms. In fact the pieces of mushroom felt like crunchy pieces of biscuit or wafer within the chocolate. I felt your toes collectively curl at that, but trust me, they’re delicious. I’ve got a little tester of one of their skincare soaps which I haven’t had a chance to try yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated over on Twitter. I’m also dying to try out their massage candle, which smelled incredible.

The Charcoal Spa


Charcoal is one of the hottest ingredients of the moment, in fact I’ve been having loads of fun trying out a black charcoal toothpaste. Activated charcoal is heated to create inner space, or pores, which can suck out and trap impurities from your skin. Chulo Naturals have created a skincare line based around this magic ingredient. I’m hoping to get my hands on their face mask at some point soon, see how it does with my super fussy princess skin.

Matthew Calvin

blogger event londonMatthew Calvin has designed an absolutely beautiful line of jewellery. Each piece is hand crafted and bears that unusual touch of Matthew’s designs. I’ve never been much of a ring person, but his pendants were so beautiful that I stood at their table gazing at them for far, far too long. In a world of chunky jewellery, I love the look of tiny pendants. They’re dainty, they’re ladylike, and you can wear a bunch of them at the same time if you can’t pick your favourite. His latest collection is based around meteorites, which made me feel pretty damn smart when, by chance, I commented that the pendant looked like a little asteroid. A stunning silver meteorite on a sparkling diamond cut chain…this is a man who knows his way to a geeky girls heart.

Have you ever been to any blogger events? How do you guys keep your nerve in a room full of beautiful people? What’s the weirdest beauty brand you’ve ever come across? Get in touch in the comments or at @EscapologistGl.

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