Boring Bits

Please, when you are reading my blog, do remember that I am not a beauty professional, medical professional or fashion professional. In fact, I’m not really a professional at anything, other than telling my stories. And maybe the epistemology of Kenneth Waltz. Everything published on this blog is my opinion, and like most people, I frequently have silly opinions. Feel free to take everything here with a pinch of salt.

If I’ve been gifted a product, or paid for writing a post, I will always let you know by putting an asterisk (*) against the title of the post. Scroll to the bottom of the post for details on what has been gifted. I promise I will always give my honest opinion, regardless of the sweet nothings whispered to me by brands or PRs.

If you would like me to review your brand or product, please do get in touch at Please note that sending me a product doesn’t guarantee a review on my blog, and it definitely doesn’t guarantee a nice review. But if you’ve got something that me and my readers will love, get in touch! I love to try new things.

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