And when I grow up, I will be brave enough to fight the creatures that you have to fight beneath the bed each night to be a grown up.


Hi, I’m Fiona. Welcome to my little piece of the internet.

The Escapologist’s Daughter is about my journey from hopelessness to happiness with lots of big and little adventures in between. Doing it for the oddballs, the wallflowers and the wee quiet lassies.

Endless daydreamer. Angry feminist. Aspiring funny girl. Noncommittal bookworm. Monster slayer. Frequent faller-overer. Collector of stories, scars and pretty things. I’m the Escapologist’s Daughter. Let’s be friends.

One thought on “About

  1. Absolutely love your blog, so happy you brought my attention to it today.

    Loved your recent post of being happy and your advice on how to regain natural curls.

    Ill definitely be a regular reader and looking forward to reading more content from you.



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