The Lyndsey Loves Launch

Last week saw a brand new pretty things company launch onto the scene, and it was celebrated with a suitably pretty and glitzy launch at Chloe’s Beauty Bar in Essex. We passed through the velvet ropes and across the red carpet into a veritable wonderland of balloons and bubbles.


There was glitter everywhere, the champagne was plentiful and in true Essex fashion, the girls looked like they’d been photoshopped. A table at the back showcased the best bits from Lyndsey’s fab collection.


Everything was beautiful, and I could have scooped everything off the table into my handbag and gone home happy, but here are a few of my favourites:


Everything was seriously girly and pretty, with enough quirk and edge to stop it becoming twee. I was seriously trying to come up with reasons that I would need a dinosaur lunch box in my life, beyond “I just want it”. And I really do. A lot. As well as the quirky novelty pieces, there was plenty of stylish homeware, including some of the most delicious candles I’ve come across in a while. In fact, I might ask for one in my Christmas stocking this year, if Santa is listening.

The event also gave me the chance to catch up with the utterly wonderful Tara from Headline Beauty Blog and Vicky from Rambling Makeup, as well as bumping into a whole host of new blogging faces who I hope to see again soon. I had such a lovely night that I stayed far too long and had to run for my train in my completely unsensible shoes. Thanks for having me Lyndsey – I had a ball!

Can you think of a reason I would need a dinosaur lunchbox? This is important guys. Get in touch in the comments or @EscapologistGl.

The Escapologist’s Daughter is up for two UK Blog Awards! You can vote in the Lifestyle category here and the Young Person’s Recognition category here. I’m not above bribery and I make really delicious cakes.

3 thoughts on “The Lyndsey Loves Launch

  1. Ooh this looks like such a fab event!! I love all of those balloon :D I ove the ‘this bag contains my face’ bag! Congrats for the blog awards nomination! I’ll deffo give you a vote :)
    Sass x

  2. To be fair the dinosaur lunch box is pretty fab! I really love the one with the Russian Dolls! It was lovely catching up with you too :) I know I will be seeing you again soon (I got my place for the PR workshop!) xox

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