Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Guys, this is getting seriously out of hand. I actually don’t know how I keep getting invited to these things. This week, in a shocking escalation, I was invited to have a sneak peek at the newest Vashi diamonds collection. Widely recognised as one the leading diamond experts, Vashi Dominguez creates jewellery for a suitably sparkling client list including…as if you are reading this and haven’t immediately scrolled down to check out the diamonds. I could say anything I wanted. Marmalade. Goldfish. I think Paul Bettany is sexy. Sometimes I have cake for breakfast. Phew, feels good to get that out in the open.

And so, to the diamonds. Oh my christ they were beautiful. When Niall texted me to ask how it was going, I think I just responded with variations on the word “sparkly”, all in capital letters, in case he wasn’t quite grasping the sparkle. I do not doubt Vashi Diamonds’ commitment to Sparkle Motion for a second. I decided to try basically every ring on, for science, of course. These are the sacrifices I make for you guys.

vashi diamonds


vashi diamondsLook at that sparkle. This was definitely one of my favourites. Made with platinum and boasting no less than 19 diamonds, this gorgeous engagement ring still managed to look delicate and feminine. In fact, this was a running theme through the whole collection. Even the biggest stones still managed to avoid looking tacky. It was all sparkle, no bling. I tried on this ring about 15 times and definitely eyed up the security guard to see if I could take him. I probably couldn’t have.

vashi diamondsThis was my other favourite. With a cool 37 diamonds, this ring was literally hypnotising. It would actually be dangerous for me to own this because I would just spend all of my time gazing at it and walking into things.

vashi diamondsThis blue sapphire will probably look familiar to a lot of you, being based on the infamous Princess Diana engagement ring. I always thought I didn’t really like coloured stones, and then I put this on my finger and never ever wanted to take it off.

vashi diamondsI just couldn’t resist. I challenge you to spend all night in a room full of diamond engagement rings and not stick one of them on that finger, even just for a photograph to give your boyfriend a heart attack.

vashi diamondsBecause you can never have too many diamonds. Modelled by the gorgeous Maria who was beyond lovely and awesome, and I am now fully rocking a girl crush on.

vashi diamondsMe, wearing about a year’s rent on my hands. Sigh. Can we skip to the bit where Niall is making buttloads of money?

vashi diamondsI wish that I could guarantee that “Can I take a photo of your hands?” was the creepiest thing I said all night, but my brain was definitely affected by the sparkle, so I can’t say for sure that it was. Ladies, if you’re reading, I apologise. Give me a wave!

And because a photo was never going to do the sheer sparkle any kind of justice, check this out:

diamondsEven on a truly dreadful iPhone video camera, I dare you not to stare at those babies for a worryingly long time. Only be careful you don’t stare too long, I’m pretty sure the sparkle seeps into your mind. On my way home, I got on a bus travelling the wrong way, and paid £1.45 to ride one stop in the opposite direction I intended to. And then I had to pretend that I got a phone call because I was too embarrassed to just get up and get off. I’m pretty sure the guy beside me was totally onto me. Be careful, with great sparkle comes great responsibility.

Which was your favourite from the collection? Please tell me I’m not the only blogger who feels like I’m constantly punching above me weight? Get in touch in the comments or at @EscapologistGl.

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    • fionalongmuir says:

      It was crazy! Honestly, I just get lucky on Twitter most of the time. Spot an event an cheekily ask if I can come haha!

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