A Dance With The Devil

I realised last week that it had been ages since I got dressed up real fancy and pretended to be a grown up. So this week, me and my friend Gwen did just that. I put on my party dress and my lipstick and treated myself to a bottle of bubbles in one of the coolest bars in Edinburgh.

IMG_2725 IMG_2723The Devil’s Advocate is the kind of bar that could only exist in Edinburgh. Tucked away down one of the Royal Mile’s terrifying, undoubtedly haunted closes, there’s a definite feel of the macabre about the place. It’s the kind of place you can imagine dark, clandestine plots being hatched by candlelight.

advocates close

IMG_2727 devils advocate

Kitted out entirely in exposed stone and brick walls, dark iron furnishings and enormous dripping candles, the inside of the bar chimes beautifully and ever so cooly with the gloomy, ghoulish close it resides in. It’s impossible not to feel sophisticated sitting in a place like this, even if you are yelling about gardening, throwing Prosecco all over yourself and snorting when you laugh.

Lol, just kidding, I would never waste Prosecco like that.

Lol, just kidding, I would never waste Prosecco like that.

I had fully intended to take some photographs of me and Gwen for this blog post, but honestly, once that bottle arrived, that was pretty much it. There are very few photographs of me and Gwen together, and I genuinely think it might be because we’re always too busy drinking and having an awesome time to take photos. The staff in the Devil’s Advocate are unspeakably awesome and lovely, and made me feel right at home, despite the aforementioned yelling about gardening and failure to hold my alcohol (puns! puns!). We decided to be semi sensible and stick with our bottle of Prosecco and a glass of wine each, but I am definitely heading back as soon as I have the funds to sample every cocktail on their menu. You know, for science. Gwen has assured me that they are to die for. They also have a whisky shelf boasting 200 different tipples, if you’re looking for the real Edinburgh experience.

This would be an amazing place to take family and friends if you want to pretend that you’re cool and in the know (I fully intend on doing this next week with my mum and Sophie), or if you have a secret and terrible plot that needs a suitably dramatic place to be revealed. Big, big thumbs up from me.

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